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Samuel Johnson cropped

Ah, the vanity of human wishes, as Samuel Johnson would say. My book of poems, Song of the Middle Manager, was going to be published by now, but in December, the editor told me that the press was going under. “Defunct” was the word he used. Okay. So this time, I asked my wife to edit the manuscript. She’s my creative partner and first responder in everything I do, writing and painting both, and her judgement is certainly as good as mine, if not better. She blew on the dice, completely reordered the manuscript, took out some earnest but stilted efforts, and added recent work. I think this version is actually stronger and more accessible. I’ve now sent it out to a dozen new contests and publishers. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, individual poems continue to be accepted, so that’s a good sign. “Learning to Paint” was accepted by Dappled Things, and The American Journal of Poetry took “Initial Public Offering” and “Chapter Eleven.”


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